OLAY Effect

I am writing this blog after reviewing several other blogs on Olay products, i ain’t a beauty expert or beauty blogger but just came across few blogs on Olay, so thought of sharing my thought….

Blushing Beauty : Battle of Makeup removers 

Final 1

Comparing Wipes and Liquid makeup remover, In her blog she mentioned about how people are complaining about makeup removing wipes and how harmful it is to the skin. In her views out of both the products wipes takes most of the makeup off and in a easier way even though she feel life dragging a cloth on her face.

In A Nutshell – On the Fence.. Alphabet Creams.. What are these Alphabet Creams, I seriously have no idea. CC cream fights the appearance of 7 sign of aging, if you follow the the blog link above you will see pictures showing different skin tone, product features,etc.

You tube Features number of videos to market different features of its different products : http://www.youtube.com/user/olay

Addicted to Lipstick In this, blogger reviews Olay Regenerist discussing the problem and considering Olay as a solution. Olay receives a thumbs up in this blog .

I have gone through many blog about Olay what i found was that people discuss their problems in blog and explains how Olay helped in resolving those issues, even though Olay

resolves their issues people are willing to explore new products, Where is brand loyalty? If you see Olay’s youtube videos, they also focus on resolving beauty problems and showcase a real life issues.

Hope this blog will help readers in connecting with other Beauty Bloggers.





Winter is finally here with seasons first snowfall, it’s always a splendid moment to experience the first snowfall which also signals that Christmas is around the corner.

Countdown to Christmas campaign in 6 easy steps”  a blog by Bits+Pieces which talks about how brands with social media presence make difference over brands without social media presence. Christmas gives a reason to interact with consumers and consumers like personalized attention from their favorite brand.

The blog is about an entire social media strategy for the month of December that’ll help you increase your fans, amass user-generated content and sell more product.

Here is some info-graphic facts from 2012 on social media usage and business transformation.

Some Facts on holiday purchases From MRY.

This Blog focuses on How to create a social media strategy to increase sales, improve fan following, goals and target, manage assets and how to interact & generate user content.

I found this blog pretty amazing and helpful, might help you in establishing your social media strategy this CHRISTMAS

Merry Christmas

Blogbuster 🙂

Sailing through Emails

Inbox Strategy


Its a different game all-together now, increase in user profile and behavior analysis has changed the way how businesses, marketers, social media and online business have started to look and target their audience.

Every business target their audience in a unique way, email being one of the easiest way.

Past one week i haven’t deleted any of my emails and was digging through all of them and i realized there are so may email i even don’t need or i never realized i have been receiving them.

I use gmail and i like the way they have segmented and simplified their mailbox in Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates and you can add you own tab as well.

I will bullet all my experience below:

  • I recently bought a ticket from spirit airlines for Halloween and they have already started pushing deals for Thanksgiving.

Untitled Gmail – Get $24 Off_ Fall Travel

  • I get a daily deal from MyHabit, everyday before noon which is very exclusive and

Untitled.png2 Look at the frequency.

  • Call It Spring is another online store to buy shoes and the good thing is once you but a product from then you’re already in their mailing list, so the deals and push notifications are never ending and i did not unsubscribe in anticipation of really getting getting a good deal someday.

Untitled.png1 Just to give an idea of their frequency of pushing deals and notifications, i might have deleted few but you can still imagine.

  • Another notification i have been receiving is for hotels all the travel business that are either having tie ups with Airlines or with other data system knows that i am going to travel this week so for them I am the target audience.
  • Banks plays a vital role in keeping their client updated with all their account update, which i really find beneficial.


Being a part of NYU i have another email with .edu domain and i receive all internal communications from NYU in that email address.

One thing which i can definitely talk about is NYU’s Halloween Bash and i have been receiving emails for that in every couple of days with a link to buy the tickets but i can see a change in the frequency of email as the event is coming near.

I think i should end it here because email and its strategy is enormous and if i keep on expressing my view it will go long and long and long.

Enjoy Halloween 🙂




Red Bull Consumer Insight


It’s a busy week followed by midterms at most of the universities. Bobst Library at New York University is one of the most busiest buildings in Washington Square and promoting red bull’s new edition at NYU was an intelligent idea.

Trying to understand Consumer Insight
Trying to understand Consumer Insight

I stood there for almost 30 minutes and what i analyzed was:

1. Targeted Consumer Reach

2. Perfect Timing (Lunch Hour)

Reps from the company were not exactly asking rather they were telling more about their products in their question.

“Which Red Bull you would like to have Cranberry, Blueberry, Lime or Sugar free”

This approach seems to be very focused, as the Reps were clearing telling about Red Bull’s flavors and were also giving the consumer a choice of flavor. Is a good way of analyzing a consumer insight and get an idea of which flavor is more sold in the market.I am writing this blog with my own observation and experience. Well i won’t lie i tried the Cranberry one 🙂

Its all About Happiness


Hello dear Readers,

It’s strange and exciting at the same time when a Brand or a Business follows you where ever you go keeping your preferences in mind. By the boom of social media and mobile marketing, marketers use analytics to analyze their consumer behavior and profile to better market their products & services and keep their consumers engaged.

I have been using Coca-Coal freestyle app which is really great and gives you no. of options from integrating it with your social media, creating your own mixes, favorites and location based push notification. The app helps you to find the nearest Freestyle Coca Cola machine and pushes notifications based on that location with special offers and deals.

1237111_10151589739222063_1342390793_n        images        unnamed (1)

Coca Cola is known for its marketing efforts and campaigns, this app is remarkable and uses Facebook as a platform to make it more engaging.

Using this app as one of the location based marketing tool, Coca Cola can take advantage in several ways, Like:

  • Affiliate Marketing : Finding the right partner
  • Communicate about events and product launches.
  • Location marketing will help in Market research
  • Using partner data to reach consumer more effectively and efficiently.

Mix it Up with Coca Cola freestyle app : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuXiScdQeR0

Now Open HAPPINESS where ever you want with Coca Cola Freestyle 🙂

Hope all my readers find this interesting 🙂


Mobilizing Yourself


Mobile apps play a vital role in our lives. Everything is now on our fingertips and that’s awesome 😀

Referring to my previous blog Travelogging, i have been looking and searching for hotels and reviews. Since last week i was mostly around apps like AgodaAirbnb and Trip adviser which actually gave me some good options and reviews. These app are really great and are globally accepted.

Whatsapp is one thing which never leaves me alone and i enjoy doing voice chat over it, its really cool but it would have been more exciting if they were having some video or options like snapchat that would have served the purpose of all-in-one kind of app.

Some essential apps which i need apart from all fun is Gmail, Well Fargo, Wharton and HBR which i constantly follow to keep myself updated. See even while i am writing this blog i am on two other screens that’s the power of digital world, you can’t sit idle. I am busy chatting on Whatsapp and creating an event on Facebook 🙂

Mobile app is totally an another world giving access to everything on your Fingertips, It’s Awesome so keep Mobilizing 😀


BlogBuster 😀


The Haze Istanbul




I am sure its gonna be an ultimate fun this semester, i always wanted to share my diverse experiences and it seems like this Digital Marketing class at NYU will give me that edge. 

So,  after almost 2 years of patience and 3 months of ticket search (cheap ticket)  finally  it’s time to go Home this winter, tickets are booked and i am excited. Hell Yeahh 😀

But, I always wanted to travel world and experience the diverse culture, hospitality, street market, special habiliment and local food. I didn’t want to miss this chance, so, i booked a ticket with longest layover to make my journey more exciting and useful.

And Guess What …… The destination is ISTANBUL before landing in India

I’ll be there for almost 20 hrs but the funny part was obtaining a VISA i have never seen such a smooth and quick VISA process. For Turkey you can apply for an eVisa  or can get it on arrival by paying $20.

So, i applied for an eVisa and thought that it will take at least 45 days for me to acquire a VISA and believe me or not the moment i paid for the eVisa application fee, i received an email within seconds saying that ” Your Visa is approved, please print a copy of your eVisa attached below” .


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey with lots of attractions, but, i am more excited about Turkish cuisine which is largely the heritage of  Ottoman  Cuisine, Turkish coffee, wine and some famous desserts like Baklava and Sutlac, but the visit is incomplete without a splendid Turkish bath before i board my flight back again.

I hope this random plan of mine won’t disappoint me and if this goes well i am gonna do it more often.

It’s just an attempt. There is lot more to come, keep following.



BlogBuster 😉