Red Bull Consumer Insight


It’s a busy week followed by midterms at most of the universities. Bobst Library at New York University is one of the most busiest buildings in Washington Square and promoting red bull’s new edition at NYU was an intelligent idea.

Trying to understand Consumer Insight
Trying to understand Consumer Insight

I stood there for almost 30 minutes and what i analyzed was:

1. Targeted Consumer Reach

2. Perfect Timing (Lunch Hour)

Reps from the company were not exactly asking rather they were telling more about their products in their question.

“Which Red Bull you would like to have Cranberry, Blueberry, Lime or Sugar free”

This approach seems to be very focused, as the Reps were clearing telling about Red Bull’s flavors and were also giving the consumer a choice of flavor. Is a good way of analyzing a consumer insight and get an idea of which flavor is more sold in the market.I am writing this blog with my own observation and experience. Well i won’t lie i tried the Cranberry one 🙂