OLAY Effect

I am writing this blog after reviewing several other blogs on Olay products, i ain’t a beauty expert or beauty blogger but just came across few blogs on Olay, so thought of sharing my thought….

Blushing Beauty : Battle of Makeup removers 

Final 1

Comparing Wipes and Liquid makeup remover, In her blog she mentioned about how people are complaining about makeup removing wipes and how harmful it is to the skin. In her views out of both the products wipes takes most of the makeup off and in a easier way even though she feel life dragging a cloth on her face.

In A Nutshell – On the Fence.. Alphabet Creams.. What are these Alphabet Creams, I seriously have no idea. CC cream fights the appearance of 7 sign of aging, if you follow the the blog link above you will see pictures showing different skin tone, product features,etc.

You tube Features number of videos to market different features of its different products : http://www.youtube.com/user/olay

Addicted to Lipstick In this, blogger reviews Olay Regenerist discussing the problem and considering Olay as a solution. Olay receives a thumbs up in this blog .

I have gone through many blog about Olay what i found was that people discuss their problems in blog and explains how Olay helped in resolving those issues, even though Olay

resolves their issues people are willing to explore new products, Where is brand loyalty? If you see Olay’s youtube videos, they also focus on resolving beauty problems and showcase a real life issues.

Hope this blog will help readers in connecting with other Beauty Bloggers.




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