The Haze Istanbul




I am sure its gonna be an ultimate fun this semester, i always wanted to share my diverse experiences and it seems like this Digital Marketing class at NYU will give me that edge. 

So,  after almost 2 years of patience and 3 months of ticket search (cheap ticket)  finally  it’s time to go Home this winter, tickets are booked and i am excited. Hell Yeahh 😀

But, I always wanted to travel world and experience the diverse culture, hospitality, street market, special habiliment and local food. I didn’t want to miss this chance, so, i booked a ticket with longest layover to make my journey more exciting and useful.

And Guess What …… The destination is ISTANBUL before landing in India

I’ll be there for almost 20 hrs but the funny part was obtaining a VISA i have never seen such a smooth and quick VISA process. For Turkey you can apply for an eVisa  or can get it on arrival by paying $20.

So, i applied for an eVisa and thought that it will take at least 45 days for me to acquire a VISA and believe me or not the moment i paid for the eVisa application fee, i received an email within seconds saying that ” Your Visa is approved, please print a copy of your eVisa attached below” .


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey with lots of attractions, but, i am more excited about Turkish cuisine which is largely the heritage of  Ottoman  Cuisine, Turkish coffee, wine and some famous desserts like Baklava and Sutlac, but the visit is incomplete without a splendid Turkish bath before i board my flight back again.

I hope this random plan of mine won’t disappoint me and if this goes well i am gonna do it more often.

It’s just an attempt. There is lot more to come, keep following.



BlogBuster 😉