Mobilizing Yourself


Mobile apps play a vital role in our lives. Everything is now on our fingertips and that’s awesome 😀

Referring to my previous blog Travelogging, i have been looking and searching for hotels and reviews. Since last week i was mostly around apps like AgodaAirbnb and Trip adviser which actually gave me some good options and reviews. These app are really great and are globally accepted.

Whatsapp is one thing which never leaves me alone and i enjoy doing voice chat over it, its really cool but it would have been more exciting if they were having some video or options like snapchat that would have served the purpose of all-in-one kind of app.

Some essential apps which i need apart from all fun is Gmail, Well Fargo, Wharton and HBR which i constantly follow to keep myself updated. See even while i am writing this blog i am on two other screens that’s the power of digital world, you can’t sit idle. I am busy chatting on Whatsapp and creating an event on Facebook 🙂

Mobile app is totally an another world giving access to everything on your Fingertips, It’s Awesome so keep Mobilizing 😀


BlogBuster 😀