Winter is finally here with seasons first snowfall, it’s always a splendid moment to experience the first snowfall which also signals that Christmas is around the corner.

Countdown to Christmas campaign in 6 easy steps”  a blog by Bits+Pieces which talks about how brands with social media presence make difference over brands without social media presence. Christmas gives a reason to interact with consumers and consumers like personalized attention from their favorite brand.

The blog is about an entire social media strategy for the month of December that’ll help you increase your fans, amass user-generated content and sell more product.

Here is some info-graphic facts from 2012 on social media usage and business transformation.

Some Facts on holiday purchases From MRY.

This Blog focuses on How to create a social media strategy to increase sales, improve fan following, goals and target, manage assets and how to interact & generate user content.

I found this blog pretty amazing and helpful, might help you in establishing your social media strategy this CHRISTMAS

Merry Christmas

Blogbuster 🙂


One thought on “HOLIDAY BELLS

  1. Thanks for the share Mayank! I really appreciate it.

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